New Home

Press releases and various news regarding the international fleet will be posted here as it happens.  Check back often!

The International Fleet has relocated to a new home system in Derelik region.  From this new base of operations we plan to expand our horizions.  As part of this move IF. has obtained research capabilities as well as Non-KOS access to providence.  We plan to fully eploite the resources and opportunties of the area to advance the corporation and it's members.

International Fleet. News & Press Releases

1st War

12 August 2013


We've joined a new alliance Nerfed Alliance Go Away (NAGA.).  We're still going to be basing in Providence.  The alliance is rapidly expanding while also providing tactical aid to Provi Block.

New Alliance

18 July 2013


We've received our first war deck from Pizza of the Hut.  They were ganking in local and we chased their fleet all the way back to low sec.  As soon as we entered the system they declared war on our corp.  Lolz.