As International Fleet. is a multi-functional role corporation.  We can provide our members multiple different services ranging from the industrial aspect, to PVE and also PVP.  



International Fleet. has several dedicated miners and boosters.  We can provide access to multiple Industrial Command ships. 


We mine in high security and low security space.  With the potential of having null security access.

Jump Clones

International Fleet. has access to jump clone services via Capital ships as well as NPC corporations.


Player Vs Environment

Due to International Fleet's varied backgrounds we have access to Level 1 - 4 agents with all races in Eve Online.  Level 5 access is avaialable for Amarr (Khanid/Ammatar) & Caldari races.


Additionally we have experienced incursion runners & exploration pilots.

Player Vs Player

Many of our members have lived in Null Security and Low Security space before.  Most PVP is handled on a small gang scale.


Various other combat method are available when required.

Industry & Research


Members of the International Fleet have experience in varied production genres.  T1 and T2 production is common.


To help facilitate this IF. has research capabilities made availabe for corp members.


International Fleet. uses Mumble communications for our fleets and general camaraderie.